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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Do you tattoo minors?

Shop minimum is 16 years with legal guardian but is artist discretion 

Whats the shop minimum and Hourly rate?

$100 is our minimum
$150 a hour

Do you sell all the aftercare products?

Yes we provide Tattoo and Piercing aftercare solution for purchase if needed

I want a tattoo but I’m on a limited budget.

We can work with your budget and sessions are always available to break it up to make it more affordable

Do you guys pierce children's ears?

Yes 5 and older children 5-10yr old we require a consultation prior to setting up an appointment.

What do I need to bring with me to get tattooed or pierced?

We need a form of identification such as Drivers licenses, walkers ID, Passport or military ID. For minors any of the above options or a school ID (online parent view account) and their birth certificate with your ID (legal guardian). 

Do you guys take walk ins?

Yes if there is time available we can take care of it if its a more intricate piece that will take time to prepare or there's not time open we can setup an appointment for next available time slot

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